Friday, June 27, 2008

Survival of the Fittest...

I know that it has been a while since my last entry, but our life has been very hectic the last two weeks. Between the stockshow, rodeo, sale and the start of my teaching summer school and Riley's swim lessons, I have found very little down time! I am sitting now watching the news and waiting for Randy to get home so that we can head to Gatesville for my family's very first reunion.

We survived another week of stockshow and rodeo! Yeah! This year's stockshow proved to be successful once again for Riley, placing 2nd with his goat, Oreo. The other two animals didn't place in their classes, but we weren't dissappointed because the competition was so tough. We were just thrilled that he made it to the sale with one of his animals! Riley showed his goats on Tuesday, June 16th, and his lamb on Wednesday. Following the show on Wednesday, I took the boys to watch the parade and see Daddy riding in it. As soon as the rodeo was over, we headed back out to the rodeo grounds for the first night of the rodeo. This year's rodeo broke records with the attendance of spectators. Thursday night, the Sheriff's posse raised money for breast cancer research and participated in Wrangler's "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" campaign. Each and every posse member wore a pink Wrangler shirt and encouraged everyone that attended to wear pink as well. What an awesome sight! Jaret made his debut ride in the mutton bustin' on Friday night and he rode like a champion. His Papa Stephens asked him if he was going to ride a sheep and he said, "yes, I gonna win!". I am so glad that he doesn't have any confidence issues! I am glad that we survived another year! Just 351 more days until the next one!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tribute to our beloved horse...Pal

June 14, 2008, will be a day that I will not soon forget...Our beloved horse of 20 years, Pal, was laid to rest. If you have ever owned an animal, especially one for as long as we had Pal, then you know the difficulty in letting them go. They become a part of your life, a part of the family and a part of your heart. His passing comes at an extremely difficult time for us, as we were preparing for the Parker Co. Sheriff's Posse parade and rodeo. This was one of Pal's "showtimes". Each time that Randy would saddle him up, I truly believe that it gave Pal "new life". He absolutely loved to be in parades and rodeos. He acted like a young colt each time that he knew people were watching.

Before we moved Pal to our house in 2001, he spent many years climbing the mountains of Colorado with my dad for his annual elk hunt. Dad would take him each October for a two week trip where he toted my dad up the mountain each day and, on occasion, pack an elk as well. I remember when Dad brought him home for me to ride in the Comanche Roping Club Rodeo in my quest for the title of Rodeo Queen in 1989. I won the title that year along with a crown, saddle and dear friend, Pal.

Pal wasn't a "regular" horse. No, anyone that knew anything about him would tell you that you had to latch a gate with a latch, or Pal would open it and let himself, along with any other animals, out. He was always ready and willing to load in the trailer too! In fact, I can recall a time that Dad left the gate open on the trailer that was parked in the pasture (on a hill, I might add) and Pal loaded himself and down the hill they went! Pal was also a known pest. Anytime he heard feed rattling in a bucket, he would come a running (even if the feed wasn't for him!). He was nosey and wanted to know what was going on anytime you were in the barn. Nothing would really spook him so trying to shoo him out of your way was just a waste of time. You could always saddle Pal and know that he wouldn't buck or act "crazy" even if you had not rode him in months! He was a beautiful horse that loved people and people that saw him, loved him too.

There is going to be a void to fill now around our farm, but cherished memories will remain in our hearts forever! Rest in peace dear friend.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Motivated to Scrap!

Okay, I have spent this week making Randy a Father's Day mini album and his sister a serving tray for her birthday. I was so inspired by my weekend retreat that I couldn't stop! I must say, I do believe that it is some of my best work! I was so excited when I finished Randy's album that I couldn't wait to give it to I didn't, wait that is! I have encluded the photos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! (Scroll down to the end of blog posts to see the photos)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Crazy Busy!

Summer time is supposed to be a time to relax, unwind and enjoy time with your kids...not! I think that the summer is just a glorified way to "catch up" on all the little things that you can't find the time to do during the school year. The first week of summer was spent running Riley to baseball camp, running errands for my hubby and getting organized to "get away" for a scrapbook retreat. So far, the second week is a up and putting things away from the retreat, running errands and housework! Ugh! Oh well, maybe in the near future I can find some time to take the kids somewhere fun.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again!

Well, I thought it was only appropriate that I make an appearance after a year-long break! I am trying to reconnect with my "techie" side and get organized! After a girls weekend of "nuttin' but scrappin'", I was inspired by my girls to get the ole blog up and runnin' once again! I will be primarily posting my thoughts for the day here, while photos can be viewed by linking to the shutterfly site. You will be linked directly to a site that I created for sharing our family memories. It's great to be back!

Father's Day Album

Father's Day Album